8-9-10 January 2021

Tour del Gusto

Tasty typical products along the Final Climb

 05.01.2020    9.30

On Sunday, 5th January 2020, starting from 9.30 a.m. until late afternoon, along the Olimpia III course on Alpe Cermis our special event “Tour del Gusto” gives you the possibility to taste some delicious products and have a lot of fun.
Each station of our Tour del Gusto, placed along the course, offers you some tastings of various local products from Val di Fiemme and Trentino: the woodsman coffee, polenta (cornmeal mush) and sausage, “ambleti” (crepes), bread with Vienna sausage served on trays made of bark. In this way, in the joyful atmosphere of the Tour de Ski, people will have the possibility to see the exciting Final Climb and also to support the amateurs taking part in the promotional race “Rampa con i Campioni”. And while seeing all these athletes facing the hard Cermis uphill, our spectators can enjoy our typical food in a very unusual place: along an alpine ski course!
Our spectacular Tour de Gusto offers not only delicious specialties of our tradition, but also a lot fun and a unique experience: people will have the possibility to go up and down the Olimpia III course for the whole day: walking, or with sleds, or with cross country ski, or ski mountaineering. And along the course, various associations of our valley will offer them tasty breaks!

Tour del Gusto prodotti tipici Val di Fiemme Trentino

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