8-9 January 2022* (*t.b.c.)

Riiber/Graabak win in Val di Fiemme Team Sprint

Geiger is second with Team Germany, Austria third

Riiber/Graabak win in Val di Fiemme Team Sprint

Last day of Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping in Val di Fiemme
Joergen Graabak and Jarl Magnus Riiber took home the victory
Riessle/Geiger 2nd, Greiderer/Fritz 3rd, Costa/Pittin 7th
This evening the Ski Jumping competition at the Ski Jump Arena in Predazzo
Jarl Magnus Riiber crossed the finish line first even today with his teammate Joergen Graabak in the team sprint event at the Cross-Country Stadium in Lago di Tesero. The victory went to the favourite team, Team Norway I. Both Norwegian teammates had already showed a great performance in the individual races in Val di Fiemme (Graabak two-time third, a first and a second place for Riiber) and crowned an almost perfect weekend with today's result: "It's amazing to be back at the top. We proved to be the best and to have done a good job. I think we manage to win because we focus on details, not because we train more than the others", said Riiber. Team Germany I with Fabian Rießle and Vinzenz Geiger finished second, 43.8 seconds behind Norway. Geiger was able to finish ahead of Team Austria II and I. After crossing the finish line, the two Austrian teams argued with each other because of a close contact just before the final sprint, which certainly didn't help them achieve more than a third and fourth place. Lukas Greiderer and Martin Fritz were third. Team Italy I with Alessandro Pittin/Samuel Costa finished 7th after starting the cross-country race in thirteenth place. The ‘legend’ Eric Frenzel and his teammate Johannes Rydzek claimed position eight, while Team Italy II with Lukas Runggaldier and Raffaele Buzzi finished fourteenth. Team Japan with Ryota Yamamoto and Akito Watabe had an excellent jumping performance at the Ski Jump Arena in Predazzo, but they had just a 2-second advantage on Graabak and Riiber. After the jumping session Team Norway II with Jens Luraas Oftebro and Espen Bjoernstad was in third place, 24 seconds behind Team Japan. Team Austria I was 29 seconds behind, Team Germany I 34 seconds behind, while Team Germany II was in eight position, 1:07 behind the leading team. Team Italy I was 1:55 behind while Team Italy II started with a 2:42 time disadvantage. The Japanese team had a bad cross-country performance, in particular Ryota Yamamoto who lost the time advantage on the rivals. They finished in position nine. Team Japan II with Go Yamamoto and Hideaki Nagai had a bad day as well and finished 16th. "Father time" is the 'justification' for many strong athletes when they release tension and no longer achieve the desired results. In fact, when they become a father and have parental responsibility, some athletes ‘retire’, especially after having achieved great results in their career. Jarl Magnus Riiber will soon become a father, but the 22-year-old athlete still has a great future ahead of him in the Nordic Combined world. Eric Frenzel – probably the strongest Nordic Combined athlete of all time (three Olympic gold medals, seven World gold medals and six silver medals, five World Cup globes) – made a comment on the current situation: "The last two World Cup seasons have not been easy. As for the Olympic gold medal, for me it was the most important result in a big event. I train for such important events during the season".
In the evening there will be the Ski Jumping competition in Predazzo.
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Team Sprint NH/2x7.5km
1 Norway I 33:19.0 (Graabak Joergen-Riiber Jarl Magnus); 2 Germany I +43.8 (Riessle Fabian-Geiger Vinzenz); 3 Austria II +44.3 (Greiderer Lukas-Fritz Martin); 4 Austria I +45.9 (Rehrl Franz-Josef-Klapfer Lukas); 5 Norway II +1:15.4 (Bjoernstad Espen-Oftebro Jens Luraas); 6 Finland I +1:21.3 (Herola Ilkka-Hirvonen Eero); 7 Italy I +1:35.2 (Pittin Alessandro-Costa Samuel); 8 Germany II +1:38.9 (Frenzel Eric-Rydzek Johannes); 9 Japan I +2:00.6 (Yamamoto Ryota-Watabe Akito); 10 France +2:08.8 (Gerard Antoine-Muhlethaler Laurent)
14 Italy II +2:50.1 (Runggaldier Lukas-Buzzi Raffaele)

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