8-9 January 2022* (*t.b.c.)

Geiger victorious again in Val di Fiemme

The "Eagle" Kraft is second, Poland follows

Geiger victorious again in Val di Fiemme

Today the second FIS Ski Jumping competition in Val di Fiemme
Double victory for Karl Geiger at the Ski Jump Arena in Predazzo
Second place for Stefan Kraft (AUT), Dawid Kubacki (POL) third
The Fiemme Ski World Cup committee completed a busy January

Karl Geiger was once again victorious in Val di Fiemme. The German triumphed also in today’s FIS Ski Jumping World Cup competition in Predazzo: “It was an awesome weekend, two victories in two days, I’m so happy. I’m in really good shape, I kept focused”. Now the German has time to devote himself to his passion, the harmonica, even though he says he’s not as good as in Ski Jumping. Stefan Kraft (AUT) – who has an eagle tattoo – finished second with a great performance. The Poles crowded the Ski Jump Arena in Predazzo, but Poland didn’t manage to get the victory. Dawid Kubacki (POL) was third: “Once again there was a very high level, my jumps were very good but not enough to win. I'm glad that my teammates had a good performance". Kubacki is the team’s 'realist', he always lives in the moment and doesn't get lost in flights of fancy, and when asked what he will do now he replies: "Now I want to have dinner!” His teammates Kamil Stoch and Piotr Zyla finished both fourth, immediately behind him. Both performed two excellent jumps but couldn’t reach the German. The champion Stoch is a perfectionist, but he says he's satisfied with the weekend and seems to have found the hoped-for condition: "I jumped at a good level, I should be happy rather than disappointed. It's different to jump on this hill, but I really like to compete in Val di Fiemme". Zyla's jump was amazing, probably the best of the season for Poland’s ski jumper: "My second jump was incredible, I'm very happy, I was very strong. The position was different compared to the first jump where I was too high. In the second I was faster and the telemark landing was perfect. The hill was very well prepared". The Poles performed very good jumps but they were not able to win. Stefan Kraft (AUT) finished the first competition round in the lead, with Geiger in second position, Stoch in third and Kubacki in fourth. In the final round, Geiger did better than Kraft and took home the second victory in a row in Val di Fiemme. The Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi had another disappointing performance and finished 25th. This is the end of a busy January for the Fiemme Ski World Cup committee. The competitions in Val di Fiemme started on 3rd January with the Tour de Ski and ended this weekend with the FIS Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping World Cup events. Step by step on the road to the 2026 Olympic Games...
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Normal Hill Individual
1. GEIGER Karl GER 285.2; 2. KRAFT Stefan AUT 280.5; 3. KUBACKI Dawid POL 278.2; 4. STOCH Kamil POL 277.3; 4. ZYLA Piotr POL 277.3; 6. FORFANG Johann Andre NOR 270.7; 7. LINDVIK Marius NOR 266.0; 7. PREVC Peter SLO 266.0; 9. LANISEK Anze SLO 263.8; 10. SATO Yukiya JPN 263.6 

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