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Val di Fiemme grateful to Walter Hofer

Sandro Pertile new FIS Race Director

Val di Fiemme grateful to Walter Hofer

Great satisfaction during the FIS World Cup events in Val di Fiemme in view of the 2026 Olympics
Last competitions for the historic FIS Race Director Walter Hofer: “I’ll come back as a spectator”
Walter Hofer leaves his mark, 37 times in Val di Fiemme since 1972
Bruno Felicetti rewards the Race Director with Pasta Felicetti and Cavit Trento Doc

There was a relaxed atmosphere at the gala dinner in honour of Walter Hofer, who has been FIS Ski Jumping Race Director for thirty years. Today's race (12th January) has been his last World Cup competition in Val di Fiemme. After making the Predazzo Stadium one of the hubs of international ski jumping – 37 times the venue for important World Cup, World Championships and FIS Grand Prix events – Hofer says with no regrets: "Now you have to continue alone towards the Olympic Games". He will officially leave FIS on 23rd March 2020 in Planica and Sandro Pertile will become the new FIS Race Director for Ski Jumping. Pertile comes from Predazzo and is an acknowledged Ski Jumping expert. The President of the Fiemme Ski World Cup committee Bruno Felicetti took the opportunity to thank Walter Hofer for his precious collaboration; thanks to Hofer, Val di Fiemme has been a renowned sports venue for the FIS Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping World Cups since 1992. The dinner was organized on Saturday 11th January at Maso Miola in Predazzo and brought together many important people involved in the events in Val di Fiemme: authorities, TV broadcasters, judges and collaborators. It wasn’t a formal dinner, so there were few official speeches. Felicetti proudly talked about the races that are taking place this weekend: "It’s a success that shows the potential we developed over the years and confirms the high level that we have achieved by working side by side". He then asked Walter Hofer to join him in the middle of the crowded hall, and gave him a Skiri wooden trophy, the very nice squirrel, mascot of the Fiemme World Championships. Hofer certainly didn't expect to be also awarded a scale! Felicetti asked him to weigh himself, so that he could reward him with as many kilos of Felicetti pasta as he weighed. After a moment of surprise, Walter Hofer played along, but he wanted the President of the committee to get on the scale in order to ... gain a few extra kilos of pasta, for a total of 99.9 kg. Finally, Hofer received 37 bottles of Cavit Trento Doc sparkling wine, as many as the events that the historic Race Director has followed in Val di Fiemme since 1992.
The dinner was attended by Walter Kaswalder, President of the Council of the Autonomous Province of Trento. He is very proud of the great contribution that Val di Fiemme is giving to promote the local area. "The FIS Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined World Cups are very popular and represent an excellent showcase for Trentino”, he said. “As a representative of the Province, I can only appreciate both the competence of the organisers and the effort of the volunteers. I’m confident for the future. It's nice to see all these people gathered together to celebrate, it means that Fiemme also fully cultivates interpersonal relationships. The Olympic Games are an important goal and everything suggests that we are ready to host them. Sandro Pertile has a great commitment and I wish him all the best for the next years". Then he added a personal comment: "We don’t have world-class Italian athletes, it would be nice if Italy would find a few champions the supporters could cheer on in 2026". The Mayor of Predazzo Maria Bosin shared the general satisfaction, after having awarded the best jumper of the day: "I'm happy with the races this weekend, I'm glad that the change of the hill didn’t cause any problem. This morning we discussed with Hofer what improvements we need to make for the future. The Race Director recommended that we make some improvements to some features of the stadium and to the media area, so that it can be modern and reliable in the long term. Sandro Pertile is from Predazzo and we are sure he will be able to give us good advice when the time comes. We are in good hands".
The long period of competitions in Val di Fiemme is over: 11 World Cup races in 10 days and everyone is already focused on the future.


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