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The FIS Nordic Combined World Cup kicked off last weekend in Finland. After the cancellation of the competitions in Lillehammer (NOR) and Otepää (EST) due to the Covid pandemic, Val di Fiemme (ITA) will be the third stop on the calendar. Between Ruka (FIN) and the races scheduled for 15, 16 and 17 January in Val di Fiemme with the Ski Jumping races in Predazzo and the Cross-Country competitions in Lago di Tesero, the athletes will compete at Ramsau (AUT).
Jarl Magnus Riiber – 16 podiums of which 14 victories last season but, above all, winner of last year’s World Cup and of the races held in Val di Fiemme in 2020 – kicked off the season with a bang in Ruka, claiming two victories and being disqualified in the provisional round of the third race for wearing a non-conforming suit. The ski jumping session could not take place on Sunday due to strong winds, meaning each athletes' provisional jump would count as their competitive effort for the Cross-Country race – so in this case Riiber remained out of the running.
While everyone is waiting for the ‘triple’ in Val di Fiemme – four days in total since the provisional competition round is scheduled for Thursday evening in Predazzo – from Finland came some good news for the Italian team who kicked off the season with some good results. Samuel Costa scored points in all three races, even Aaron Kostner and Raffaele Buzzi ended up in the top 30. What about Alessandro Pittin? The strong athlete from Cercivento, and from Val di Fiemme by adoption, posted on his social media that he had to stay home due to Covid-19 and follow the races on television, just as every supporter will have to do in January on the occasion of the three FIS Nordic Combined World Cup races in Val di Fiemme. In compliance with the anti-Covid regulations of FIS, the Province of Trento and the national authorities, the competitions organised by the Fiemme Ski World Cup committee will be held behind closed doors with strict protocols for athletes, professionals and volunteers. Everyone will need to test negative for coronavirus in order to create a 'Covid-free bubble' and protect the athletes. The use of face masks will be mandatory – obviously not for the athletes during the race – other measures include temperature check and social distancing. The competitions will be broadcast on TV by RAI and Eurosport for Italy, but also by the most prestigious broadcasters all over the world.
Here is the schedule: Thursday, 14 January at 7 pm PCR with jumping session on the normal hill (HS 104); Friday, 15 January the Gundersen with the first competition round at 10 am, then at 1.15 pm the 10 km on skis in Lago di Tesero; Saturday, 16 January the team sprint with jumping session on the normal hill (HS 104) at 10 am and the 2x7.5 km on skis in Lago di Tesero at 1.30 pm; Sunday, 17 January the Gundersen with the first competition round at 10 am, then at 2.15 pm the 10 km on skis in Lago di Tesero. This time there won’t be side events, not even the popular ‘Jump in the Breakfast’, which in the past editions involved many schoolchildren from Predazzo who came to watch the races at the Ski Jump Arena.
Thanks to the cold temperatures, snowmaking has begun and both the hills in Predazzo and the trails in Lago di Tesero are being prepared. Snow is forecast in Val di Fiemme in the coming days – it could give an extra touch to the beauty of the scenery in Val di Fiemme.

Cup standings
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18) Samuel COSTA p. 45; 28) Aaron KOSTNER p. 13; 35) Raffaele BUZZI p. 4

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