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Tour de Ski, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined on the top of the most viewed races in the world
The Ski Jumping World Cup in January also outclasses Alpine skiing
The Final Climb and the Sprint top races of the Cross Country Skiing World Cup
Nordic Combined viewed by 113M TV spectators. Races of 2021 confirmed

There are many ways to read and interpret the TV audience data of a major event. From whatever perspective you look at it, the data elaborated by Nielsen highlight last season's World Cup races in Val di Fiemme, a bit of a 'photocopy' of the success of previous years.
The highlight is represented by the more than 512 million total viewers for Tour de Ski, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined, all in the context of the 2019/2020 World Cup, considering all types of broadcast (live, delay, rerun, highlights, news, magazine, etc.). The three days of the Tour de Ski in Trentino, with the inclusion of the Sprint on Saturday to hit the palm of the fund's best live broadcast with 9 million viewers, reached 198 million. Then evaluating the viewers of the live broadcast alone, the stages of Val di Fiemme were the most viewed (33 M), with Ruka's "triple" at just 17 million and Lenzerheide at 16. Cermis' Final Climb kept us glued to the TV 15 million viewers between direct and deferred, really significant data. In terms of the markets, in the three days Russia counted 53 million fans in front of the TV, Germany 32 million and Norway 29 million.
The Ski Jumping in Italy does not have a great following, but in the world it is a discipline with incredible ratings. The Fiemme races totaled 201 million viewers of which 42.8 million live, and to make a comparison it is enough to say that the weekend most watched on TV in the entire Alpine Ski World Cup of the season ended, that of Kitzbühel, counted 26.7 million fans.
Nor is the Nordic Combined in Val di Fiemme joking, with a total of 113.610.000 viewers of which over 73 million Germans, data that are really important for tourism promotion.
With these exciting numbers, it is logical that the Trentino valley is still a protagonist in the calendar of the Cross-Country Skiing and Nordic Combined World Cup. With the HS 134 SJ hill currently uninhabitable pending work on the Olympics, next season will not see the Ski Jumping, but the three days of the Tour de Ski in January are confirmed with Friday 8 to propose the now traditional Mass Start in classic (10 and 15 km), on Saturday the Sprint in classic and on Sunday 10 the final, Mass Start, along the Final Climb. The following weekend will be the Nordic Combined with two Individual Gundersen (Friday 15 and Sunday 17) and a Team Sprint (Saturday), all on Normall Hill HS 104.
The organizing committee of Val di Fiemme chaired by Bruno Felicetti and directed by Cristina Bellante together with the various sector managers has prepared a secondary plan, if anything, the containment rules of Covid-19 imposed particular restrictions, all implemented by the FIS which will endorse the World Cup calendars of the various disciplines after the September meeting.
Meanwhile, in Val di Fiemme toast to the significant data of the television audience, the flagship of FISI and FIS as well.

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