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Russia-Francia sfida senza esclusione di colpi sulle rampe che portano all’Alpe Cermis
Tattica ciclistica per sfiancare il pettorale giallo del Tour, che non molla e contrattacca
Ottima prova di Federico Pellegrino, prima volta sul Cermis, 16° di giornata e 14° finale
Urlo di gioia per ‘Sasha’ Bolshunov sul podio finale, davanti a ‘Momo’ Manificat e Denis Spitsov


Russia and France battled it out for the podium on Alpe Cermis
Tactical race to make the Tour’s yellow-bibbed overall leader blow up, but he held up
Federico Pellegrino – first time on Alpe Cermis – finished 16th today, 14th in the overall standings
Shout of victory for ‘Sasha’ Bolshunov on the Tour de Ski podium, ahead of ‘Momo’ Manificat and Denis Spitsov

The 2021 FIS Tour de Ski is in the books after the men’s Final Climb on Alpe Cermis, the last race of an amazing weekend in Val di Fiemme (ITA). It was a tactical race with Russia and France ready to support their ‘leaders’ Alexander Bolshunov and Maurice Manificat respectively. The two teams won the Bonus Points sprints at 2.3km and 6.6km, but the real fight started at the bottom of the tough final climb. France tried to break away from the group with Parisse and Lapierre escorting Manificat in an attempt to lure the Tour’s overall leader Bolshunov to push too hard too soon. France’s attempt seemed to be successful at 3 km from the finish: Bolshunov appeared to be in trouble, stumbling over his poles and falling on the snow... the “Tsar” was struggling to keep up with the leaders. After one kilometre, which seemed endless on the steep pitch of Alpe Cermis, the situation was reversed. Russia launched the offensive and France was unable to react. Spitsov broke away, Manificat tried to keep up with him, followed by Bolshunov, who overtook the Frenchman in the final kilometre. The last kilometre looked like a cavalcade of the Red Army, with Spitsov and Bolshunov followed leading the way followed by ‘Momo’ Manificat. Denis Spitsov crossed the finish line in first place, followed by an almost unbeatable Alexander Bolshunov, always in top shape throughout the Tour. Bolshunov conquered the Tour de Ski overall title for the second time in a row. Third place went to a daring Maurice Manificat, who tried in every way possible to beat the Russians before raising the white flag. Federico ‘Chicco’ Pellegrino finished his Tour de Ski in 14th place after delivering an incredible performance on Alpe Cermis (16th place for him today). Francesco de Fabiani was 15th in the overall standings after breaking two poles on Alpe Cermis.
On the Tour de Ski podium, Alexander ‘Sasha’ Bolshunov let out a triumphant cry that pierced the silence of an Alpe Cermis without spectators. Maurice ‘Momo’ Manificat was second, while Denis Spitsov finished third after advancing from 5th to 3rd thanks to his great performance on Alpe Cermis. This is the 15th time that the curtain comes down on the Tour de Ski in Val di Fiemme, a 15th Tour de Ski that will undoubtedly go down in history. After the hard work put in for staging this international event, the organising committee will now focus on the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup events, scheduled to be held next weekend in Predazzo and Lago di Tesero, keeping an eye on the future, on the next Tour de Ski editions and the 2026 Winter Olympics.
Pierre Mignerey, FIS Race Director, made an important statement at the end of the race: “The final race in Val di Fiemme cannot be removed from the Tour de Ski, it is probably the only one that will remain”. So, see you in Val di Fiemme in 2022!

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Men 10 km mass start FT
1 SPITSOV Denis RUS 32:41.0; 2 BOLSHUNOV Alexander RUS 32:54.3; 3 MANIFICAT Maurice FRA 32:56.2; 4 BELOV Evgeniy RUS 33:02.8; 5 MELNICHENKO Andrey RUS 33:05.0; 6 YAKIMUSHKIN Ivan RUS 33:07.9; 7 LAPALUS Hugo FRA 33:11.2; 8 BOEGL Lucas GER 33:18.9; 9 BACKSCHEIDER Adrien FRA 33:20.9; 10 PARISSE Clement FRA 33:23.7
16 PELLEGRINO Federico 33:50.5; 26 VENTURA Paolo 34:14.6; 34 BERTOLINA Mirco 34:44.6; 41 DE FABIANI Francesco 35:16.2; SALVADORI Giandomenico 35:23.0

Tour de Ski Men
1 BOLSHUNOV Alexander RUS 3:32:32.3; 2 MANIFICAT Maurice FRA +3:23.9; 3 SPITSOV Denis RUS +3:36.7; 4 YAKIMUSHKIN Ivan RUS +3:40.6; 5 MALTSEV Artem RUS +4:03.3
14 PELLEGRINO Federico +8:13.2; 15 DE FABIANI Francesco +8:22.9; 32 VENTURA Paolo +11:28.3; 35 SALVADORI Giandomenico +13:19.7; 42 BERTOLINA Mirco +15:37.3


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